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Make It In White - Card and Scrapbook page design  Where to link this video was a challenge, so I’ve linked it here since there are 4 different layouts for your scrapbook pages – but posted the article on my paper crafts page, because there are 5 entirely white card designs demonstrated as well.   So whether you are a card maker or a scrapbooker, or both, using nothing but your white materials presents an interesting challenge.


embellishment 2 angle

4 page scrapbook design and techniques  This video is stuffed with techniques and demonstrates a multi-page, multi-photo four page layout.  Plenty of embellishment ideas for your scrapbooking as well as tips for making the most of your die cuts and papers.

A versatile design for your photographs that cover a ‘gift giving’ theme.



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MIY Stocking Stuffer: Flip Scrapbook  A unique scrapbook design that folds to 6×6 but continues to ‘open’ again and again to reveal plenty of space.



std album cover photoMIY Stocking Stuffer: Mini Scrapbook PART 1  Have a blast building this mini scrapbook album using the Epic This Day and That Designer Series papers as inspiration.  Part 1 covers the album itself as well as a discussion on coordinating solids to patterns for the 10 page layout.  oh yes, I added a gift box template for the album as well.

MIY Stocking Stuffer: Mini Scrapbook PART 2 We continue with creating our mini scrapbook, covering layout designs for pages 1-5.  Demonstrate layout variations and suggested photo and embellishment placement.

MIY Stocking Stuffer: Mini Scrapbook PART 3 In this last section I discuss layouts for pages 6-10, ‘bone yard’ embellishments – photo corner variations and inking using templates.  Includes assembly of gift box and photo slide show of completed album and all pages.


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Scrapbooking Layout: House Guests -Technique: B2E series  Radiant background for your scrapbooking – very HOT, very now – have a look!



intermediate image 1

Scrapbooking Layout: Wax Paper Technique: B2E


brayer techniques

Scrapbooking Layout: Day Trip to PITT: B2E



eeksScrapbooking Layout: Using your scrapbook kits:B2E




closing photograph

Scrapbooking Layout: Busy in June B2E




two page layout

Two Page Layout - One Subject




interesting layouts


Interesting and unusual layout elements





grungeVintage/Grunge layout
117273 (Antique Brads)     129367 (Stampin’ Sanding Block)


Patchwork layoutsPatchwork Layouts




Mini bookPaper Bag Mini Album



B flocked animalsScrapbooking Layout: A Day at the Zoo B2E





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Scrapbooking Layout: VISITS B2E