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Sliding Easel Card Design

Posted October 16, 2014 By scrappy

Gotta love gadget card designs.  Read about my latest favorite – Sliding Easel Card Design- on the paper crafts page,  or watch me show you how to make one (or three ;) ) via my link under “paper craft -> techniques” on the video page.

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2014 Christmas Card Designs have Begun

Posted May 9, 2014 By scrappy

Why not begin early!  I must because I cannot take the pressure of having to create 12-16 Christmas Cards (not to mention gift tags) at the last minutes when I have a dozen other things to do.  The “teddy bears” are a classic and linked on the videos page under Christmas Cards (where else?).  Wait, but there’s more!   Hahaha.  As the first XMAS Card Club Kit and Video I’ve created a BONUS card storage box.  In writing the article I’ve made it generic so that you can replicate the design to meet your needs as far as height, length and width of this “flap top box”.  That’s been posted on the Paper Crafts page.  Merry Christmas ;)

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Thank You Panel Card

Posted November 27, 2013 By scrappy

If you’ve finished all your Christmas Cards for this holiday – or just need a break, try out my ‘Say Thanks’ panel card.  A personalized thank you for a holiday party host/hostess, visiting/dinner with the family or all those wonderful Christmas gifts you receive is always appreciated.  A neutral design, with plenty of ‘sheen’ (not sparkles!) comes together quickly.  Make several to have on hand whenever you feel the urge to ‘Say Thanks’.

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Posted November 24, 2013 By scrappy

Fun, Fun, Fun!  Encrusted Jewels by Fran Tage collections are a blast to play with and the focus for my December 2013 Christmas Card Design.   2 thumbs up.

title shot

See Article/design under Paper Crafts.    I did begin with a greeting card because I was concerned about glitter and what not in my scrapbooks.  I tend to shy away from using materials that GET ALL OVER THE PLACE.  But this stuff stays where you put it.   Expect to see some scrapbook layouts which also focus on this product.   Happy stampin’… tic tock, tic tock…  Christmas is ONLY a month away!


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Posted July 8, 2013 By scrappy

failureI was hoping to be able to add a Quick tip this morning for using your glue stick as a sealer in your scrapbooking.  I watched a video last week where this was suggested, so spent some time this weekend testing it out.   My first glue stick was very gummy, and the second, scotch craft stick, looked like it was going to work when I first applied it,  BUT:  While I was waiting for it to ‘dry’ the ink was already blurring on the card stock.  No need to even apply the crystal effects or the mod podge which was the point of the testing.  I will get an SU glue stick on my next order to see if there is an improvement, but for now I’m sticking with StayZ On Ink.  Let me know if you’ve had different results.

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