November 11, 2013 2:01 pm

Kit elementsChugging along on my second stocking stuffer kit, a mini scrapbook.  I’ve always suggested to any newbies to scrapbooking that they start small.  This mini scrapbook is 10 pages, each 5.5×4.25 – so I don’t think you could go much smaller and still call it a scrapbook!  The most difficult part is trying not to overwhelm anybody with too much of anything.  Starting on suggested layouts now and hope to publish the completed video and project mid-week.   6×6 was always my recommended scrapbook size for beginners, so I’m also working on a 6×6 flip scrapbook construction in an article format (no video, no kit).  Consider it the next step in a scrapbookers evolution.   Personally, I wish they would come out with 16×16 format scrapbooks, cardstocks and papers…. hahahaha.

If all the elements in the photograph aren’t enough – I’m creating some add on’s as well that will be available – “Buttons and Bows” and “Glitz”.   Hope everyone is at least thinking about the holidays… the days are getting shorter!


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