July 22, 2013 11:43 am

eeks - I’ve been distracted for the last week working on jewelry (I do that also) – but have got to write today about adhesives.  Since moving to Georgia and the higher humidity, things go bump in the night and now I know that it’s something falling off of my chipboard keepsakes, or a stamp set falling off of the press board.  So….  Glue sticks are a big no-no for scrapbookers.  I used to be a glue stick gal – until I take a look now at my 10-15-20 year old scrapbooks and everything is falling off the pages.  Snail adhesive – might work fine for card makers, but I now have panels, photos and the what not – coming off of my chipboard decorations.  So what I find that works:  The multi-purpose glue that I never want to be without (110755), sticky strip – although it is unforgiving since once you place it – that is where is needs to stay (104294), glue dots (103683) and dimensionals (104430).

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