July 18, 2013 1:03 pm

I believe if you’ve been shopping for your scrapbook supplies for any length of time, like me, you have fallen for the “Scrapbook Kits”. My eeksnext video will be demonstrating how to take these very cheesy pieces to create a fabulous layout.  My experience has been if you have a scrapbook kit, your layouts end up looking like “scrapbook kit” layouts.  ugh.  So many things wrong: 1) the quality of the paper, the ribbon, the stickers, and the plastic coated die cuts – UUUUUUUUgly.   At the time you purchase them, however, you’re thinking this would be great and simple and quick and easy.  And then you go to do something and there are just a few of the pieces and papers that you would even consider being in your layout and then they end up in your “bone yard” of  – only in desperation -  materials.  Will post “No space to My space” layout when completed.

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