July 15, 2013 12:23 pm

OMG that took a bit of work – but….. drum roll – the first 2013 Christmas Card it out and available as a card kit on my Etsy site!  The accompanying article is posted in the papercraft tab, but let me ask you this:

1) As a scrapbooker (I have to assume you r, or why else would u visit my site?). Why haven’t you made your own Christmas Cards?  I think I know – because as long as I have been scrapbooking, there have been years when I grabbed an off the shelf box of cards despite the fact that I knew I could do better, should do better - so I will answer:

a) Mass production of anything is just depressing.  Face it, if you’re like me, having to make 4 of the same thing is numbing.  With a ‘send to list’ of 24 or more, just cannot get myself motivated!

b) Last minute and totally uninspired!  tic tock, tic tock… other things to do to prep for the holidays, family coming home, shopping- hell, figuring out what to get everyone!  No TIME!

So – I have an answer.  START NOW!   Whether you purchase the kits (link to my Etsy shop) to assemble when you’re in the mood, or begin from scratch - do some now, do some next month etc, etc.  There is no rule saying that everyone on your card list has to receive the same card.  Simply said, but I fell into that trap as well.

Anyhoot – turn on some Christmas music and check out my article in the PaperCraft tab and feel inspired!   PS – I’ve also tossed in a tidbit on my scrapbooking page- as card designs can also be useful in scrapbooking

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