how do your stamp pads hold up?

Have you ever reached for a stamp pad that you purchased a couple of months ago – only to discover that it was already dried out or very close to it?This wasn’t what I was going to post today, but while I was working on a technique video I took out an old stamp pad from when I attended my first stampin’ up “party”…  then I took all four of them out just to see:

060713 blog

Sure, I’ve had them stored upside down (that’s how you did things back then) – but everyone of them created an image just like they were new out of the box!  How old R they?…  I tracked them to their earliest appearance in my scrapbooking:  Early 2000!  That is over 13 years.   If I’m lying, I’m dying.  impressive  – even to a long time SU fan and demonstrator.

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