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filmWelcome to Scrapbooking Station, your one stop spot for all you Scrapbooking and Paper Craft resources. If your looking for video tutorials visit the video section above. For general Scrapbooking and Paper Crafting ideas click on the respective tabs above. If you have a project you would like to submit visit the community page. I am striving to make this a community oriented resource site so please feel free to contribute. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.


                                                                — April 2014  Product Picks —

Light and breezy, Nice and Easy.  Spring is here and my picks for this month are all about making it SIMPLE.  Builder Punches make creating scrapbook pages, cards and keepsakes a breeze!  Punch as is, or punch a portion (think the cupcake frosting makes a terrific cloud image), Super size with your computer – Check out this video which supersizes the Owl Builder Punch for a scrapbook page layout!  “Super size your punches” More fun projects to be posted this month.




The Tips & Tricks section will show you some techniques on how to impact your projects in a big way with a small effort. If you have some good tips and or tricks submit them through the contact page.

Be sure to visit the Latest news page to see my latest Scrapbooking / Paper cratfs news updated several times a week. If you like this site please pass it along and be sure to bookmark us.



Hi! I’m Lee and I’m excited to have my new and improved website up and running – phew! It’s been a busy 2013 moving to my new location in Northern Georgia. I’ve been a scrapbooker since the time I got my first camera and had my first “prints developed”.. wayyyy back in 79! Yup, had to take your photos and drop them off at the local drug store then wait for a few days to see how they turned out (or IF they turned out). The craft has come a long way since then – kind of like me.
I left New Jersey to attend SMU in Dallas, TX. After graduating with my EE degree, I stuck around in Dallas, working at Texas Instruments – think everyone in the Dallas area works at TI at one time or another.   Got married, started a family – started travelling full time as a software consultant and KEPT a scrapbook for each year of all of it (they certainly became a lot thicker after the kids arrived)!   In 2010 my youngest left for college and I began to explore a lot of interests that had been put on hold.  I started an on-line gemologist certification and liked it so much that I then learned to facet my own gemstones.  I expanded my lapidary skills just this past month to include creating cabachons and wirewrap jewelry.    It was a few years ago that created a web page to share my love for papercrafting with classes, workshops, product kits and  a gallery of my own completed projects.   In creating this new website I’ve taken my customers suggestions to provide many more videos on projects and techniques (I’ve been watching hours and hours to find some ones that I liked, and even created a few myself)!   I added a blog page to share some projects/products I like and LOTs of links, so that if you see something you like – you can find it easily!    Hope you enjoy your visit to scrapbookingstation.com and come back often to see what’s new.

Happy Scrapbooking




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